23 March 2020

Coffee and Walnut Cake Chocolates (Hotel Chocolat) By @Cinabar

Coffee and Walnut Cake Chocolates

I’m working from home for now for a bit. My work has been wonderful with this horrendous virus and made sure we are all ok to work from and have everything we need and we are all keeping in touch online. On my last commute through Birmingham New street I popped into the little branch of Hotel Chocolat to pick up a treat, my favourite chocolates from there, these Coffee and Walnut Cake Chocolates.

Coffee and Walnut Cake Chocolates

I love nuts with chocolate and I love coffee so it should be no surprise that these are high on my priority list. The chocolate consists of a strong coffee base, praline, and a piece of walnut all wrapped in a milk chocolate. It isn’t that sweet but the burst of coffee, crunchy nut and silky praline hits the spot every time. Crunchy and smooth, and a lovely combination of flavours. Coffee and chocolate were meant for each other I do wish there were more coffee chocolates about, the addition of the nut is a pleasure. These are a bit of a naughty treat, but in these times I think we should focus on the odd thing that makes us smile.
Hotel Chocolat sell online, as do many of my favourite high street shops, so I will be switching to more online shopping than usual. It is good to support business who will be hit by the closure of shops and also to have a treat now and then.

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shel said...

Glad you’re getting supported at work - quite right too. These chocs sound great - will have to have a look online. Thanks for another much appreciated review