1 March 2020

Drink The Blood of the Belgian Monks - Ruby Leffe Red Beer (@NLi10)

There aren't many good reasons to crack open a litre of beer before Sunday lunchtime, but reviewing is certainly one of them.  I was in the market for a cheep effective (and light - I was walking home) beer to go with my carbonara and I spotted this. A bit big, but I couldn't resist.

It's red too - so Happy St. Davids Day to those who are celebrating in Wales.

This is made by the same people as my favourite Leffe beer (well - the Owl beer is my new favourite, but you can't get that in pubs). And seeing as I bought it from Asda lets see what they have to say:

"Leffe Ruby is a red, refreshing beer born of the unique combination of the typical flavours of the abbey beer and the delicate notes of red forest fruits. Its natural freshness and the subtle traces of spices, red forest fruit and rosewood truly taste of passion"

Nope - this is clearly the blood and sweat of genuine monks from Belgium.  And a lot of foam...

I admit, this was my fault - but it didn't impact on the taste.  Subsequent portions (I guess 750ml is three portions) can be in my nice new skull tumblers that I've got because I'm a cool influencer and didn't come from a local pub at all.

And - this has the usual Leffe quality, smooth relaxed beer, but here with a sweet hint of the summer berries.  I mean - like most wine-tasting experiences this probably doesn't taste of much to most people, but I'm very familiar with the normal blonde flavour and this is a little darker and a little fruitier.  

I'll be getting more of this - think it's a good sharing beer too - people I expected to be all over this hadn't heard of it. Praise be to the crazy monks!

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