19 March 2020

One last Pre-isolation Nandos - Mozam Style (@NLi10) @NandosUK

I tend to have a few reviews in the tank - mainly because there is a time lag on what I buy and when I eat it - so here we have a restaurant review while the UK is on lock-down.  I suspect it'll be delivery food for a few weeks for us!

We had Nando's points to redeem so pre cinema (those are shut too!) we popped along to our local (clean - big enough for social distancing) and had a look at what we could get.

They had a new wrap on the menu - and as it's a charity one it seemed like a good plan.

Fruity AND spicy? Sounds like the amazing fruit curries I've had.  I'm in!  It's oddly similar to a black-bean sauce, but with the kick in a different place (if that makes sense).

Because of the reward points I got to have two sides - garlic bread and fries - but they were not that interesting.  Should always go for the spicyrice!

The Mozam wrap itself was amazing.  I almost ordered a second.  The sweet and fruity side with the strong garlic and spicy chicken was really something I was a fan of.  I went for my typical medium, but this extra sauce tamed it a little so I think I'd risk a hot (which I often do, but Medium is better for a date I think!).  I want to have this again - but at the moment I don't think that's going to happen.

I hope that the virus doesn't wipe out our spread of fast food places.  As ubiquitous as Nando's (and their queue) can be they do actually try a lot harder than some chains would and continue to innovate their menu.  I suspect though it will be the smaller, less recognisable places that go first, so I guess I'll have to make a special effort to order food (or collect after work).

As a side note - I actually work in a Hospital Labs doing the numbers side of things as my real person job.  This week has been a bit more chaotic and stressful than I'd have liked, and really - it's just going to get harder.  Do try to keep an eye on relatives and friends - both those who are more at risk healthwise, and those who suddenly find themselves working longer weeks (instead of eating carbonaras in Rome). Its going to take a lot of time and energy to get back to what we had before all this, and funny little distractions like spicy chicken are a big help!


Anonymous said...

... and a big thank you to you guys at Food Stuffs for your daily 'distractions' providing us with entertaining reviews to read each day :)

andygez said...

I've been following you for years but never before now had the inclination to comment until I read your "side note". Just: thanks for your hard work. Those fries/chips do look rubbish though.

NLi10 said...

It's good to know people appreciate the little bits of silliness we put out there. The fact that my strange little job where I count things for a living is now big news is kinda odd.

And yeah, I realised that I like the chips because I usually coat them in the Mayo. We didn't get the Mayo so the chips were very dry... Spicy Rice on the return trip in 12 weeks once we are all clean...

Anonymous said...

Really do appreciate your blog, and I never would’ve guessed what you do for work - even more kudos and I wish you well for this very difficult time. Keep up the great job you’re doing - both with the day job and the snacking/writing! Thank you for making a difference : )

NLi10 said...

Thanks for all the kind comments too!