28 March 2020

William Brother’s Benno Craft Lager (Aldi) By @SpectreUK

William Brother’s Benno Craft Lager

I'm not much of a lager drinker, as it usually makes me burp quite a lot. Besides most people who know me would probably tell you that I'm already full of enough wind as it is, without giving me further excuse! However I did find this William Brother's Benno Craft Lager in my beer fridge earlier and thought I'd give it a go, whether further wind or not…

The back of the 330ml can of this Benno Craft Lager tells me that William Brother's Brewing Company, in Scotland, created this lager as a tribute to the Bavarian 'father' of modern brewing, Benno Scharl (1741-1812). Benno was credited as being the first brewer to use the term 'lagering' as a process of cool fermentation, which is then followed by maturation over a period of time in cold storage.

Upon opening the can of this 4.4% volume craft lager there was a hearty ker-chunk-fizz… This bright golden shining lager instantly cheered me upon pouring. Let's face it, at the moment with this terrible bug engulfing the world it's often the little things that can bring a smile. There is a herbal hoppy bitter aroma followed closely by the sweet barley malts. On first taste there is a sheer crisp mixed citrus and herbal bitter hoppiness. This almost jumble of hops brings the citrus to the fore initially, which gives way to the more herbal notes and then the citrus bitterness wins through for a another bout. These busy hops then step back a little for the sweeter malts which almost smooths out the crispiness of this cheerful bubbling brew. This William Brother's Benno Craft Lager is a flavoursome lager, and I reckon it makes an excellent tribute that Benno would be very happy with himself.

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