13 March 2020

Kit Kat - Gold (Co-Op) By @Cinabar

This Kit Kat has been a hard one to track down, I have searched around several different branches of the Co-Op for this and it has taken me until now to find it. The idea is that it is a Gold edition Kit Kat and it sounded in theory what a lot like the old Caramac Kit Kat used to be like. I was so pleased when I went back to my local shop and found it, at the back of the shelf, the last couple of these in a box. Like finding gold, pun intended.
First thing to note was my inner child was really hoping for some edible gold leaf or glitter here, something that matched that shiny packaging. There wasn’t any there was just a two tone Kit Kat with a milk chocolate base and a beige colour top.
Inside the Kit Kat are the usual crunchy wafers, I’m always a fan of Kit Kat because of their textures and this Kit Kat Gold bar was no exception to that. The flavour was mostly of milk chocolate but with a nice caramel flavour twist. It was a little sweeter and a litter creamier than a regular Kit Kat, and it was tasty.
After all the searching for it I realised it wasn't all that exciting. It works, who doesn’t like chocolate, wafer and caramel, but it isn’t as full flavoured as the Caramac bar used to be, and it isn’t as pretty as it could have been either. Nice enough to try but quite happy to pop it in the category of decent bar but not one that will have the same nostalgia of the Caramac flavour.

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