24 March 2020

Heinz Seriously Good Truffle Mayo (Ocado) By @Cinabar

While stock taking the cupboards at Foodstuff Finds, in order to prep for the lockdown, in amongst the cupboard and hidden within a reassuring supply of baked beans and soups I stumbled across this jar of Heinz Seriously Good Truffle Mayo. Clearly it was bought for Christmas, clearly it was bought in better times and clearly it got forgotten about. At least we had some mayonnaise to open and it just happens to be the ultra posh stuff.
There is quite a strong mushroom scent to this mayo, it isn’t subtle but it works rather well. The flavour is rich and we had it to dip chips in. The taste was still creamy, but the added truffle enchanted the flavour and made it feel more like a proper dip, this would actually be really nice with chicken dippers or nuggets. I’m not sure it would go that well with salad, and if I manage to buy lettuce I will let you know! I was really pleased to rediscover this jar in the cupboard during these strange times.
In other news I had an Asda order arrive (which was booked three weeks ago) and that managed to bring with it some new products, so at least I have a few things to write about during the lockdown. I also found a few other goodies in the cupboard stock take so I’m hoping we can keep you entertained each day for a while yet. Stay safe everyone.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping posting. Take care x

Lisa said...

Stay safe and thank you for the daily posts :) x