9 March 2020

YumNut Plain Jane (Marks and Spencer) By @cinabar

YumNut Plain Jane (Marks and Spencer)

This is a new launch from Marks and Spencer where they have combined to cake treats and morphed them into one. Remember the CroNut (Croissant Doughnut), well this is the YumNut (Yum Yum Doughnut). There are various varieties of YumNut being launched by Marks and Spencers, eg Simply the Zest which is Lemon Meringue but the only flavour available in my local branch was Plain Jane, which is just covered in plain icing.
The YumNut is a curious invention for various reasons. If you google what a Yum Yum is the general consensus on the internet is that it is a long doughnut rope. Greggs, the brand I most associate with the delectable Yum Yum describes it as a “doughnut twist”. This poses an interesting question, if a Yum Yum is doughnut in a different form when you make is round surely a YumNut is just a Doughnut? Except it isn’t, which is confusing.

YumNut Plain Jane (Marks and Spencer)

A doughnut is usually spongey and fluffy, this YumNut is layered, like a Yum Yum (I don’t care what the internet says). The texture is fluffy, bubbly but firm, and a pleasure to eat. It has layers but is still a little bread like and a little crumbly, I thought it had an amazing texture. The icing on top was crumbly and sweet like a glaze, and giving a rather nice blast of sugary sweetness.
I still don’t know what a YumNut is, but I can tell you it was delicious. If you are a fan of textures in your food you will love this, it did make me smile. It might be called Plain Jane, but don’t let that put you off, it is far from a plain treat it was actually rather exciting to get my teeth into. I can’t wait to try the other flavours too, I have my eye on a Double Chocolate YumNut!

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