8 March 2020

A Glorious Mash-Up! Cadbury White Bar with Oreo (@NLi10)

When Oreo (Kraft) purchased Cadbury it was a sad day for Birmingham.  A lot of the products that had been produced in smaller numbers due to the premium crumb were switched to the generic chocolate and became less special - but more available.  One of the upsides has been that there are a lot of cross-over products we couldn't see before, but unusually today we see another more unexpected one.

Cadbury White Chocolate has always been fine.  Not good, not bad, just fine.  I'd say that the luxury brands (and ironically milky-bar) have understood what works well at low cocoa concentrations (raspberries) and what just doesn't sell.

Here though I think Cadbury have hit on something - mix your new flavours and sensations with the less distracting white chocolate and let those flavours flow!

It doesn't photo well.  The outside is vanilla Cadbury white chocolate.  The inside is lovely Oreo biscuit.  The insulation in this cavity wall of a choc bar is a white mush that both my partner and I recognised, but I'm not really clear where from.  I think it's their previous wave of choc bars with Oreo inside, but the proportions and density are so different it may be a new recipe.  Either-way without the Cadbury Dairy Milk on the outside to overpower it this just works.

This is probably the best white chocolate bar on the high-street right now (ignoring luxury brands) unless there is a white choc Bounty that I can't see on Google.  It is still white choc so if you don't like that (or texture layers) then this may not be for you - but if you like any part of this I urge you to pick some up while it's still on the 4 for £1 special offer.


D said...

I've yet to try the white cadburys and i'm hoping they do other fillings other than oreo as i find oreo quite dull - when Oreo was a new product in the Uk maybe but i'm kinda over it!

NLi10 said...

I know what you mean - but I did really enjoy this one.