27 March 2020

Maryland Cookies N Cream (Asda) By @Cinabar

These new biscuits were purchased online at Asda, when I booked a slot three weeks in advance that finally came this week. I’m pleased to say it brought quite a few new products to write about, clearly when the apocalypse comes new biscuits aren’t at the top of everyones priority, they were on my list though.
So buying these Maryland Cookies N Cream online I assumed they would be more like an Oreo style biscuit with a cream in the middle but when they arrived they were single biscuits with creamy drops on top. Several of the cream drops on the biscuits had fallen out which meant several of the biscuits had holes in various places and didn’t look so nice.
The cream drops were tasty, but not that different from white chocolate in flavour. The base flavour of these Maryland Cookies N Cream was quite rich in chocolate which I really liked, the flavour worked well. They reminded me a lot of eating chocolate cake in terms of the flavour, rich chocolate, cakey and with a hint of some sort of cream. I liked these, and I’m pleased we had biscuits on our order. I know searching for new products, well even supermarket slots at the minute, is difficult but if you can get these you shouldn’t be disappointed.

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