22 March 2020

Isolation and Rationing - Cofresh Gathia Yellow (@NLi10)

Work have provided me with a mini laptop so I don't have to go in all 7 days a week and can work a few at home.  This is a relief as its probably at the point where I want to consider not using the busses.

And my home is in a very multicultural area so I can get to many different nationalities and cultures of shop - meaning that while I may not be able to pick up English brands as easily at the supermarkets, the smaller stores that probably require my support more at this time can easily keep me fed.

Long time readers will know that we have a bit of a Cofresh addiction in our house - especially the more 'crisp' based ones.  Going to the proper Indian stores and not just the corner-shop opens up a whole extra side of the brand.  Here we have one of the best parts of the mix bags - the Gathia noodle style crisps.

Not very healthy, but very very nice.

I'm not sure which western crisp comes closest, they are almost like a denser version of the french fry, or similar to the Marks & Spencer hard salt and vinegar chips. The taste is of very mild curry, no heat, just that cumin 'yellow' flavour.  They are really great and this whole bag was a pound and has lasted days.

If you don't want to face the crowds and empty shelves of the supermarkets then check out your local international food shops.  You may not get Walkers Crisps (well thats a lie - they had those too) but you should find everything you need to get by.

Stay safe everyone! 


Anonymous said...

Surely your own PC has the necessary horsepower to do your job from?

NLi10 said...

It does! But secure hospital networks need special VPN access and encrypted drives.