15 March 2020

Cheap Beers! Not just for men with beards. (@NLi10)

I'm enjoying my re-discovery of the world of beer.  I'd not really drunk it since uni and finding nice ones now my 40 year old taste buds have all died is quite fun.  England doesn't really understand the smoothness that I love, but there are a few to try still.

These are non-alcohol beers.  The left one was a bit too sharp. The right one was nicer.  Neither had any issues with not having the alcohol - it was more that they just aren't in the right part of the beer spectrum for me. Nice glasses too.

This was the cheapest beer in Asda that I liked the look of. Under £1!

Feldschlossen sounds like it should be getting sloshed in a field.  It isn't (it's small castle in the fields), but it's still suitably German enough that I'm probably going to have fun.

Made in France though - which is a bit confusing.  Apparently they are now owned by Carlsberg which is more disappointment.   But it's actually alright.  It's not Leffe, but it's certainly not English Pub Swill either.  One for the budget conscious days then, or for saving for with a strong curry.

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