26 March 2020

4Move Witamin Drinks - Polish Import Shop (@NLi10)

I love import shops, or more accurately the local shops for imported people.  One of my favourites is the Polish shop that has a lot of discounts.  Trouble is it's hard to see what is in the cans...

Go - Google Translator Lens!

Ok - so i admit - the English is on the back of the cans, but I impressed you with the technology at least briefly yes?

All the different drinks have a variety of vitamins in.  They all look very similar though - makes me wonder if one flavour with all the vitamins in would have been easier.

I got a new wobbly person badge to keep people away from me, and with the meds I take it certainly doesn't hurt to have a few extra vitamins in the system and these are quite nice drinks.

At 3 for £1.20 I don't mind the smaller size and the slight fizz and the almost tonic like flavour certainly adds a kick to the afternoon.  Almost certainly healthier than the 2l bottle of Pepsi I picked up for the same perky reasons.

Yup - 3 flavours - three slightly different colours, and equally slightly different tastes.  These aren't Red Bull style so are work-safe and I think the smaller size helps as you get a nice quick fizzy pick-me-up.

If these are still in the bargin section of the fridge when I next brave The Event to go scavanging for food then I'm sure I'll get some.  And I have to go to the Polish shop anyway as they still have pasta in stock (and it's the good thick stuff too!)

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