29 March 2020

The Back Of The Cupboard - Rosehips & nostalgia! (@NLi10)

As the UK lockdown continues I've been looking at those things I picked up and just never got around to eating.  These are usually longer life things, stuff grabbed out of season, gifts and nick-necks that go with something - usually something that I don't have to hand.  Or - in this case - things I was saving for a special occasion.

My Grandmother used to love Rose Hips - or at least feeding them to me.  I have really garbled memories of Tommy Teepee drinks, visits to the health food shop for Rose Hip Syrup (and Hedgehog crisps).  Now that smaller brands are getting back into these more botanical flavours they are cropping up more often.  So I can pick them up - and then not eat them.


This is Norfolk Gardens Rose Hip Extra Jelly.  I don't know where I got it from, but to me this is the last preserve, it's the one that I'd be saving for with clotted creme and home made scones (now thats an isolation idea) - you can't just put it on some toast, right?

Well - if you are stuck indoors looking for reviews then it's probably a good time to break out the super luxury foods.  And it is the jelly of my childhood.  Fruity and botanical, sugary but knock-out strong.  It deserves a better backing but for now it sits on factory white bread (don't worry - I did spread it out).  Amazing stuff, and almost worth squirrelling away for the end times.

And coincidentally we have this.

I have a feeling that this was a gift.  I don't drink cordial much anymore, its great for the two weeks in the UK that the weather is warm.  I basically down it in pints and don't savour the wonderful subtleties of the Mr Fitzpatrick brands.  I think it took 2 years to drink their Dandelion & Burdock cordial because it was amazingly good.

Here though they suggest to try it hot.  As this saves on turning the heating on it's an excellent plan.

Again - sugar and botanicals.  An 80s childhood in a bottle.

Doesn't look like much, right?  It's probably not even that strong? Wrong.  This is powerful stuff.  The rhubarb is mind warpingly sour, and those aftertastes are beautifully playful.  It's probably safe to say I made it a bit strong but thats how i like it.  Warm, not hot, and just the right side of wicked.

I'm glad I'm the kind of person who fills the house with too many things to get through, as lazy Sundays like these are built for nostalgic flavours (yeah - I worked from home, but still the least I've done in ages).  Even my dying tastebuds can appreciate the artistry and care that went into both of these.  Suddenly lock-down doesn't feel so bad anymore.

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