27 October 2009

Walkers MAX Cheese-Burger (Wilkinsons)

These cheese burger crisps have taken a fair bit of tracking down, so many thanks to David Hollis for the tip on where to find them.
The crisps look really bright as they are presented in a large yellow single serving bag. They are part of the ‘MAX’ range, which I think relates to the fact that the crisps have ridges and therefore can hold more flavour. The crisps also seem slightly thicker cut than a regular Walkers and I preferred the crunch on these crisps.
The flavour is very true to form, it has a decent strength and clearly resembles the grilled beef burger flavour, with a nice after taste of cheese and I thought even a hint of mustard.
It all just came together, these crisps are very meaty, have an excellent taste, and I thoroughly enjoyed the bag! One of the nicer new flavours released this year so far.


  1. I am disappointed that we Americans don't have cheeseburger flavored potato chips. We're the fattest country in the world and we don't have cheeseburger flavored potato chips. Something must be done about that.

  2. LOL - But you guys have Beer Chips, so surely you win!
    I had to import these:

  3. America has Cheeseburger Pringles!

  4. Wow Paulham those Pringles sound yummy... Marvo you will have to hunt some out.

  5. I'm not going to publish the comment I just got left (as it contained swearing), but would like to clarify 'crisps' are what we in England call potato chips... and this is a UK based blog so may well include British terminology.


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