5 October 2009

Chupa Chups – Fruittella Lollipop [Strawberry] (Co-Op)

Two of the large sweets brands have got together. Chupa Chups famous for their lollipops and Fruittella famous for their chews, have (as you may have already guessed by now) created a lollipop with a chewy centre!
The shell of the lollipop has a decent strawberry taste, and is quite sweet, fruity and enjoyable. It also lasted a fair amount of time, which was nice as it allowed me to enjoy the first half of my sweet. When I could feel the shell getting thin, I took the plunge and started to chew. The lollipop stick came away, and my mouth was filled with the fantastic strong sweet zingy strawberry flavour chew. It was a lovely way to finish the sweet, and I rather liked the combination. I thought it worked really well, and hope they will release some more flavours too.

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