4 October 2009

Benedicks BitterOranges (House of Fraser)

When I was buying these choccies I noticed they came in a large tube or a small tube. I will be honest; I read the pack and thought that the chocolate at 95% cocoa and the chilli didn’t sound that appealing to me, so I opted for the small tube. I was to discover that this was the wrong choice.
After a little bit of a struggle to prise the lid off the tube, I was ready to begin the testing. I noticed that the aroma from the chocolates was lovely; I picked up on rich dark cocoa, and wonderful fruity notes. Then I tucked in. Wow, these chocolate are really something. Each chocolate was firm when I first bit in but had a surprisingly soft fondant. The flavour was gorgeous with a fantastic sweet Jaffa orange taste, blended in with this is the gentlest hint of chilli and the amazing 95% chocolate cocoa hit. These flavours are balanced to perfection, they are just amazingly good.
During my taste testing not one person failed to make appreciative noises while first trying one of these. One of the testers even stated that they were the nicest orange chocolate he’d ever eaten. Benedicks have created the most wonderful chocolate and flavour combination and I don’t think I can send enough praise their way.

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