17 October 2009

Christmas Tea [Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Company] (Selfridges)

In the last year, something changed with my tea drinking habits, and I started to experiment a bit more with different tastes and varieties. I went from someone who had only previously really had English Breakfast, to someone who loved all different teas from green tea through to Chai.
Like Chai this particular tea is very aromatic, and there is the wonderful smell of cloves when the tea brews. I added milk and sugar, I assumed it was okay to do this as it usually is with the spicy teas, but oddly there were no instructions on the packet. The tea itself had a lovely orange taste mixed in with it too, this and the sweet-scented spices were rich and warming and it made a wonderful fragrant drink.
I don’t know why we associate flavours like cinnamon and orange with Christmas, but we do, and as such this drink fits right in! However it also makes a lovely everyday alternative to Chai, and if you like those sorts of spices you won’t go wrong with this tea.

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