19 October 2009

Duchy Originals – Organic Figs (Waitrose)

Today I would like to talk to you about the healthy fruit known as figs. However Duchy Originals present their organic figs in a way that makes them more appealing to me, they are dipped in chocolate!
Inside the bag there were several figs, some of which were dipped in dark chocolate and some in milk chocolate. The chocolate on each fig was set solid, but the fig underneath is of course malleable, meaning that as you bite in the chocolate crumbles off – everywhere. I found it impossible to eat these figs without triggering dangerous chocolate crumbs! I like the chocolate around the figs though, as both versions had a good cocoa content, but my preference is the dark chocolate as it has such a full flavour. The figs underneath weren’t as sweet as I had hoped but do go well with the chocolate which enhances them.
A nice, but slightly difficult to eat treat – does anyone know if this counts as one of my five a day!?!

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