10 October 2009

Oreo - White Chocolate Covered [Limited Edition] (Sainsbury’s)

Oreos do seem to be doing quite well for themselves here in the UK, as it wasn’t that long ago I was writing about their new chocolate crème edition, and now there is a white chocolate edition available too.
The new product might be seasonal, but I shall try to ignore the references to Christmas and winter on the box, and just be pleased to have a lovely new product to try. So the concept behind this product is to take a regular Oreo (with white stuff) and dip it in white chocolate. When I first bit in I took a moment to appreciate the layers inside the Oreo. It is such a pretty biscuit, beautifully layered with white chocolate coating, dark Oreo, creamy stuff, another Oreo layer and a final coat of white chocolate. If that isn’t enough the flavours are gorgeous too. The creamy sweet white chocolate in conjunction with the dark cocoa rich Oreo really do make a wonderful combination of flavours! Sure the biscuits are quite rich, and there is no way I could scoff more than two, but wow - they are lovely!

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Donna said...

Can't wait til Christmas each year to buy these, but this year I have not been able to locate a store that has them in stock. My son-in-laws look forward every year to receiving these from me as it has been a tradition for a long time. Why are they NOT in the stores now (SC)