13 October 2009

Butlers Hot Chocolate Drink (Ireland)

Wow – these have taken a bit of finding, and I have really wanted to try them since Derval suggested them back in March! These are a solid hot chocolate that you dissolve straight into hot milk. They are beautifully presented, and each one is moulded into a thick disc shape embossed with a cup and saucer. I resisted the temptation to eat one raw out of the box!
I was very careful to make the drink exactly as per the guidelines, which included measuring the amount of milk to use. I was a little bit surprised that each disc only used 150ml of milk, i.e. around two thirds of one of my regular smallish mugs. The drink itself was of superb quality, and had a lovely chocolate hit. It was a creamy sweet drink that I thoroughly enjoyed. It is just a shame that each disc doesn’t use enough milk to fill my mug, it is also a shame that adding two discs would make too much for one mug.
In conclusion a good quality drink that delivers a rich cocoa taste, but the ratios and measurements meant I couldn’t have a full mug of hot chocolate without attempting to break a disc!


Derval said...

Internet fame at last! You'll have to buy a Cath Kidston 500ml mug & have 3 portions, lol.

cinabar said...

And here was I worried someone would say I should be more lady like and buy a delicate petite tea cup... your idea is much better! ;-)