14 October 2009

Benedicks BitterGingers (Selfridges)

I would never usually buy ginger chocolates; I’m just not that big a fan of that flavour at all. However after I tried Benedicks BitterOranges I was just a bit more than impressed by the range, and felt myself obliged to try these ones too. Naturally I purchased another tube of BitterOranges at the same time...
Anyway, the BitterGingers tube was similar to the previous product, in that it was rather awkward to open. Once the lid came off there was a lovely aroma of sweet and spicy ginger from the pack. The chocolate has the same bitter 95% cocoa hit, and the filling is soft, creamy, sweet, tangy ginger, and just works so well with it all. I think that is what makes these products, the contrasting flavours in each chocolate, all blending together to create a wonderful combination.
Despite not being ordinarily blown away by ginger products these just get the taste buds going and create another fantastic taste experience. Another must try from Benedicks!

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