20 October 2009

Cadbury's Caramel Nibbles (WH Smiths)

I love Cadbury's Buttons - a small dollop of chocolate that just melts quickly in the mouth, no hassle, no messing just good old Dairy Milk chocolate. I love that the Buttons are also available in the larger sharing bags too these days.
This Cadbury's Nibble product is rather like upgraded Buttons. In the bag are small discs of chocolate, not that much thicker than a Button, and each one looking rather similar but with an extra layer of caramel concealed within. The caramel isn’t thick, as there isn’t much room for it to be, but it is full of flavour and gives each one of these ‘Nibbles’ a lovely sweet taste. It is the same sumptuous caramel usually found in a Cadbury's Caramel bar, so it is safe to say it is the good stuff.
Each disc gives the required shot of chocolate, and then bursts a small portion of the rich gooey butterscotch caramel, genius. These are my new favourite from the sharing bag range, and they are just sweet, chocolaty and scrumptious! Buttons will always feel like they are missing something to me now, and I can’t work out why these haven’t been done before.


DriftingJasmine said...

Oh I NEED to try these!

Anonymous said...

These are my new favorites too, i just LOVE them and stocked up when they were on buy one get one free in Tesco! (problem is, i struggle to contain myself from eating the WHOLE bag!!)

paulham said...

I want Galaxy caramel ones instead.

cinabar said...

DriftingJasmine - they are seriously good!

Anon - Did you say buy one get one free... not sure I could resist that! They are just so moreish... yum!

Paulham - I'd be very keen to try those too ;-)