30 October 2009

Lucozade Cherry (SuperDrug)

I don't often buy energy drinks, as I usually choose diet/low sugar products to compensate for the other stuff I eat! ;-)
Having said that I have been having a long day, was weary and will be going swimming so I thought this would be the perfect time to try the new cherry flavour Lucozade.
Firstly I realise this is an energy drink, but it took me a minute to come to terms with the calorie content, in 380ml there were 262 calories, probably perfectly normal for such drinks, but a little higher than my usual practically 0 calorie diet cola.
The drink is wonderfully fizzy, it didn't fizz over when opened, but the drink had lots of bubbles which I really like. The flavour is good to and reminded me of really nice cherryade, it is very sweet and very fruity, with a nice slightly sharp cherry taste. Well worth trying if you fancy a change from your regular energy drink. The caffeine kick helped me through the last hour or so at work, will have to let you know how I get on at the swimming pool later!

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