9 October 2009

McCoys Lamb & Mint [Pub Grub] (WH Smiths)

There is something very satisfying about a bag of McCoys. I love the thick potato, and how they aren't too hard when you bite in, and how the ridges gather all the flavour.
So it is always a pleasure when a brand such as this releases a new flavour. This one is from a new Pub Grub range and is Lamb &Mint.
I was impressed to find that the flavour does really taste specifically of rich meaty lamb. However the mint flavour was present, but the strength of it doesn't resemble the sharpness of some mint sauces, as the vinegar element was missing. I did picked up on an after taste of onion, which seemed to balance the whole flavour rather nicely though. These are seriously tasty crisps, and I look forward to trying other varieties in the Pub Grub range.


Emily said...

Love your description of the pleasure of McCoys. You are right. They are thick and not too hard, like some other brands. You have made me want to head for the vending machine now which has steak flavour ones, smiling at me.

cinabar said...

LOL - sometimes items do just smile at you... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Stop making me hungry! :-)

cinabar said...

LOL - but there are so many lovely things to try. ;-)