12 October 2009

Cadbury's Snow Bites (Co-Op)

This is another early Christmas find, and it is part of Cadbury’s seasonal line up. The product consists of a ball of Cadbury’s chocolate, coated in a white candy shell and then dusted with icing sugar; the idea is to make them look like a bag of mini snow balls!
I feel obliged to draw comparison between these and Cadbury’s Mini Eggs, as these have more than a passing resemblance. The centre is lovely and is the expected sweet creamy chocolate, the candy shell is the same thickness as a Mini Egg, and the only difference is the dusting of icing sugar and the round instead of oval shape.
I like them, the icing sugar did make them a little bit sweeter, but they are essentially a bag of chocolate bites, perfect for sharing and ideal for anyone who fancies a more seasonal version of Mini Eggs. The packet also makes reference to Cadbury’s support for the charity: Make-A-Wish, so it is feel good chocolate too.


Anonymous said...

A Christmas bag of mini eggs! Yes please :)
Sounds like they couldn't come up with anything more original though, which is a shame.
Yum Yum!

cinabar said...

Oh yes the product works, just not the most novel thing. I do have my eyes open for any other new Christmas products too!

DavidH said...

Had a few bags of these in recent weeks, really really nice sweets, far too nice for sharing! who cares if they're not original!

cinabar said...

They are just a bit moreish too... so easy to work through a whole bag and not notice till it is finished! oops!