15 October 2009

Hand Cooked Crisps – Sea Salt Malt Vinegar and a Twist of Lemon (Waitrose)

It is nice to see that adding a slightly different ingredient can bring to life to such a traditional flavour. Salt and Vinegar is a time-honoured favourite flavour of the crisp buying public, but adding lemon to the mix gives these crisps a nice zingy aftertaste, and really brings them to life!
The crisps are from a Waitrose own range and are tasty and thick, with a decent crunch and I liked their texture and consistency. The only negative point I had about these crisps, and I am quite willing to believe this may only apply to the bag which I purchased, was around the flavour distribution. Some crisps I tried where very mild and had almost no flavouring, and others packed quite a sharp full on punch! If you’ve tried these crisps before – did you experience this?

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