22 October 2009

Milka Luflée (Germany)

If you haven't read my blog before I think I should warn you I am a Milka Fan Girl. It is just such lovely chocolate, and my taste buds just can't get enough.
This chocolate bar's name Milka Luflee roughly translates to Milka Airy, and is an aerated bar of chocolate rather like we have Aero or Wispa. I’m not 100% sure of my translation so please correct me in the comments section if needs be!
Opening the pack and that wonderful Milka smell appears, offering a fresh cocoa scent. I was surprised to see that this chocolate looked a bit darker than I was expecting, but is still labelled as milk chocolate. Biting in and I found that the texture was absolutely spot on, firm, but it gives way easily to your teeth and then just melts in the mouth. The taste is gorgeous too, creamy, sweet, with well defined cocoa and that classic nutty after taste. A truly lovely bar and another one to add to my growing list of favourite products!
On a side note I just wanted to say how wonderful it is at the minute to see all the new Milka products becoming more widely available here in the UK, I hope this bar joins them soon.


Unknown said...

Milka fan boy guilty as charged :) I have no guilt admitting it :D

cinabar said...

Pleased to hear it!!! I just love that slightly nutty flavour from Milka.... mmmmm...

Susie said...

Hi cinabar,
I have been trying to get an official translation for "Luflee" but unfortunately to no avail - the product is no longer listed on the Milka website. I presume it is a fusion of Luft (air) and Soufflé..
Glad you like our favourite German export product!
Greetings from Munich, Germany,

cinabar said...

Thanks for trying to sort out a translation - the souffle explanation seems about right - but perhaps it should be called Milka Lovely - because it tastes like it ;-)