16 October 2009

Mars Dark (WH Smiths) & Mistletoe Kisses & Fiendish Fancies

Back in July I wrote about Mars Midnight, which was a Polish Mars bar imported by Pound World. I really liked the dark chocolate bar, with my favourite thing being that the white nougat was really soft and light and made it sort of melt in the mouth.
When I saw Mars Dark I was convinced that this was the UK release of the same bar, but it just wasn’t at all. Don’t get me wrong, it is incredibly similar, but the white nougat is lacking that fluffy texture and so I found it just a bit disappointing. The texture in this bar has the same consistency as a regular Mars, but with a hint more vanilla in the flavour. Mars Dark is not a bad bar by any means, but personally I will be sticking to buying Mars Midnight from the pound shops!

I also just wanted to let you all know that there have been a couple of re-releases and links to older reviews:

Galaxy has re-launched Galaxy Mistletoe Kisses for the Christmas season.

Mr Kipling’s have brought back Fiendish Fancies for Halloween.


Paulham said...

Yes, you are right. I tried one of each at the same time (ahem, for research purposes). The Midnight (Poland) is smaller but does have a nicer overall flavour/texture than the Dark.
As you know I am a massive fan of these products and I am on the Mars tasting panel. Guess what? They never even let me know they were coming out and the advertising has been low-key to say the least.
They will no doubt say it didn't sell well when they stop production again.

cinabar said...

Mars tasting panel - how cool is that?? *jealous* Can't believe they kept this from you!
I just love the softness of the Polish bar though, so easy to eat! Can't find them any more now, I tried all sorts of pound shops on Saturday... :-(

Paulham said...


You can register there.
Not all that frequent but they do sometimes send you vouchers to test a product.

cinabar said...

Thank you for the link!

Anonymous said...

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