25 October 2009

Mysterious Korean Biscuits (International Shop, Birmingham University) {via Nli10}

The happy scientist on the box and his smart tie lured me in on this one. Coupled with the almost day-glow pink box and writing I overlooked the strangeness that is hidden in this product from http://www.lotteconf.co.kr/ (who also make imitation Pocky called Pepero - http://www.pepero.co.kr/talk/fun/song.jsp ).
These small biscuits with a chocolate fondant centre are fairly common in eastern foods. I remember eating a few varieties in Thailand, and have picked them up over here as imports since. I had never noticed however that throughout the branding and marketing for these little sweet treats that the biscuits are actually the heads of the cartoon characters on the box!
This Soylent-Green style revelation puts a whole new spin on the product. The jolly cartoon showing the biscuit-heads at school inside the box is now distinctly more sinister, with their classroom rebellion now looking like a bid for the freedom from the jaws of hungry snackers. My former friend the jolly scientist with his slogan of 'Promise The Best' is now the cruel master of some kind of biscuit- head breeding program selecting only those with the right attributes to be shipped off to stores.
In fact, if they were not so gosh darn moreish I may actually stop buying them out of some kind of biscuit-head rights protest. That crunchy first bite into the gooey innards is just too tempting though.


Jisoo said...

So nostalgic my childhood snack(^^)

cinabar said...

Ace - what is there proper name!