31 October 2009

Cadbury’s Halloween Mallows (Tesco Express)

Happy Halloween!!

This is the last of this year’s Halloween products which I have found, and today seems an appropriate day to write about it. These Halloween mallows have blackcurrant as their spooky blood red ingredient. On a side note I am always surprised by the lack of blackcurrant products available in the States, blackcurrant is such a good flavour and I feel for those missing out on it.
Back to the mallows, they have a tasty but soft biscuit base, a huge splodge of rich sweet and sharp blackcurrant jam. The blackcurrant adds a lovely taste, which adds the main flavour for the product. The mallow stacked on top is fluffy and light, and the chocolate coating cracks nicely when you bite in. A lovely product and with a bit of luck may well be reduced in price sometime soon! Have a great Halloween everyone! ;-)


cybele said...

Happy Halloween to you!

They had an Easter version with orange jam in it that I quite liked. Of course they were silly expensive here in the States.

Blackcurrant as a flavor is virtually non-existent here. Pretty much anything purple will be grape.

NLi10 said...

Do Americans have Ribena?

I like the sound of these. :)

cinabar said...

Imagine a world without Ribena :-0
I wouldn't cope: http://www.ribena.co.uk

Hope everyone had a good Halloween!