1 November 2009

Nissin Demae Ramen - Miso Flavour (Orange bag) {via Nli10}

This was picked up in Yum Yum Worcester, but is fairly common now in even the more mainstream western supermarkets.

Essentially Ramen is Batchelors Super Noodles, but in more exotic flavours (and I'm guessing was the original). Miso soup has long been my favourite 'go to' lunch dish when visiting the Japan Cultural centre in London, especially with the tempura flakes (or 'fish food') added, but as this is London and a little upmarket this can get expensive.

This little make at home pack is ready in 3 mins and produces very little washing up and is perfect for lunch. Boil the water, add the noodles, wait 3 mins, serve the noodles without draining and add both sachets.

The flavour is essentially that of brewed Soy Sauce, but with maybe a meatier flavour too. The packet does state that it may contain 'traces of crustacean' which is an unusual claim but for eastern foods I’d have thought this to be standard.

The noodles were soft and could easily be eaten on their own having a nice flavour, but with the two sachets added become a taste explosion, if not a little hard to describe. With the fish roll and other added herbs of the restaurant variants this was more of a snack than a full lunch, but I'm sure that the MSG (E621 on the pack) I’ll have enough energy to see me through the Sunday afternoon.


NLi10 said...

Had the Sesame flavour ones too now. Less tangy but a nice flavour none the less.

Natalie said...

I have these in my cupboard but i wasn't too keen. I prefer the boxed miso soups you can get in health food stores (holland and barratt for example) and i've seen them in selfridges too. Though the yo sushi miso soup is better still!

NLi10 said...

There are better ones out there, but for the price they are a great snack.

cinabar said...

Thanks for another great post NLi10, I must give these a try, I used to be hooked on Super Noodles as a student!