17 November 2009

Jaffa Cakes – Lemon and Slime [Lime] (Spa)

This item seems to be a Halloween product, but I am going to be writing about it despite the current date being well into November. The thing is I have been searching and searching for these biscuits (cakes?) since I heard about them around a month ago, so when I did finally see them I felt obliged to buy them. I was strangely enough on a road trip and had made it to Beaumaris on the Isle of Anglesey when I found these. The busy shops/supermarkets in the city where I live don’t seem to have stocked them at all.
Despite being unseasonal, the biscuits were not reduced in price in anyway, and to be fair the best before date doesn’t actually run out till February next year.
I was initially put off by the word ‘slime’ in the title, but after I tucked in I have to say I found these biscuits to be rather nice. The Jaffa Cakes are labelled as lemon and lime, and had a nice citrus taste but the dominant flavour did seem to be zesty sweet lime, and they certainly get my thumbs up.
If you do like the idea of sweet tangy lime and manage to find some, don’t be put off by the pumpkin on the pack, they are very much worth a post Halloween purchase.

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