19 November 2009

Mr Kipling Cappuccino Slices [Special Edition] (Asda)


The first thing I noticed when I opened the packet was that these cakes smell gorgeous. There is a lovely rich, strong coffee smell that appeared and was rather appetising.
The cake slices are packaged in pairs, so they stay fresh after the box has been opened, which is a nice idea.
The sponge is lovely and soft and does not disappoint in flavour either, as it contains the lovely rich coffee taste that I could smell. The icing on the top adds the sweetness which when combined with the base merges to make a strong coffee cream taste. I found them to be well balanced, and not overly sweet as a whole which was nice.
The dark sponge and sweet creamy icing are mimicking a cappuccino of course, and I do like the concept. I’m not sure why these are a limited edition, they are such a tasty treat they really should be part of the permanent range.

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