6 November 2009

Galaxy Probiotic (Waitrose)

It has been a long time since I first tried a probiotic drink, and to be honest it wasn't a great first experience. It was several years ago, and it was a free sample from a promotional stand. It had a very strange taste, acidic but creamy, and with a slightly sharp flavour mixed in, all in all not very nice. I remember thinking that they would have to improve the flavour a great deal before I would consider purchasing them again. Since then I know there have been quite a few improvements and fruity varieties are readily available.
However Galaxy Chocolate have just taken us to the next stage, with a chocolate flavour probiotic drink. I am pleased to report that this probiotic has a really good taste, to all intents and purposes it is like a slightly sweeter version of their chocolate milkshake, and it even has the same creamy texture. It does have a slightly sweet after taste that does give it away, but ultimately it is still a lovely drink too. It should be a welcome change for those people looking for an alternative to the fruit flavour probiotics.

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