3 November 2009

The Grenada Chocolate Company – Organic Dark Chocolate (Liberty’s)

A few months back I was watching Trevor McDonald’s The Secret Caribbean, and I noticed he visited an award winning business called The Grenada Chocolate Company. Naturally I had a quick Google to see how available the chocolate was here in the UK, but I couldn’t find a stockist at that time. Last week though I was in London, doing the tourist things and I couldn’t resist a look at the chocolates in Liberty’s. In there the bar I had been searching for caught my eye. This one is a 60% dark chocolate, I’m not sure if they make milk chocolate, but it certainly couldn’t see any in the shop on that occasion. I was so excited to find this bar though, I was just so hoping it would live up to expectations. Opening the wrapper and there is a lovely strong cocoa smell, which is sweet, woody, but rich and sumptuous. The snap when I broke a piece off was clear and sharp, and chocolate is obviously of a very fine quality. In fact the texture of the chocolate is firm, but silky smooth when it melts. In taste the chocolate has a good balance of sweetness and strong cocoa; there is a fruity edge in the tone that almost reminded me of fruits of the forest. Finally as the chocolate melts away on the tongue there is a gentle note of mixed spice. A full flavoured chocolate, clearly worth the hype and very definitely worth hunting down. Yum!

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