5 November 2009

Taste of Turkey – Turkish Delight (Borough Market, London)

So while on my travels through London I made a point of visiting Borough Market, and what a wonderful place it turned out to be. It was full of interesting items from curious ales, to chocolates and this fine Turkish Delight.
The Taste of Turkey stall selling this was heaven, half of the table had olives, the other half Turkish Delight, and I wanted to buy everything! In fact I was having problems choosing which flavours of Turkish Delight to have, so I had a selection box of pieces that covered a fair few! Here is what I purchased:
  • Rose – the classic variety and it was floral and rich in flavour, with a sweet syrupy after taste.
  • Pistachio with Cocoa – it was coated in coconut and in smaller pieces than all the rest, but with a lovely pistachio flavour, and just a hint from the chocolate and coconut.
  • Apple and Cinnamon – strong hints of honey, and apple and a delicate sprinkle of spice from the cinnamon, very autumnal.
  • Cherry – this had a sweet natural cherry taste, not over powering, but no mistaking it.
  • Mint – with tones of menthol and liquorice as well as the deep mint flavour.
  • Honey and Walnut – this had a rich, nutty full walnut flavour, with a lovely honey aftertaste
  • Carrot Puree with Hazelnut – The strangest of all the flavours purchased, and it was firmer in texture than the others. It had a good crunch from the nuts, making for a nice mix of textures. It was sweet and reminiscent of carrot cake.
  • Cinnamon – Wow! This was rich and Christmassy. It had a wonderful spice and a lovely sweet flavour. How have I not had cinnamon Turkish Delight before? It was my favourite of the bunch!
  • Coffee – with a good creamy coffee taste, rather like a luxury latte.
  • Melon – refreshing and sweet and juicy tasting, a different flavour for Turkish Delight, but one that worked rather well.
  • Fig and walnut – sweet and treacle like with the full flavour of figs, rich and I liked the nutty pieces.
When I was at home I had no menu to work out which Turkish Delight was which flavour, but each piece was wonderfully defined in taste and the job of matching them up was easy. I take this to be sign of good quality. All the Turkish Delight was sumptuous and some of the nicest I have tried, and I loved the range of flavours that were available!


Anonymous said...

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cinabar said...

Consider me on the search for them!!