30 November 2009

Milka Santa Bar (Sainsbury’s)

This year, more than last, I noticed something about quite a few of the Seasonal products that we have available. An awful lot seem to be the standard items just with a Christmassy change in packaging, and no real change to the product underneath.
In fact I took a walk down the Christmas section at my local supermarket and spotted numerous items that fitted into this category, from sweets through to biscuits.
This Milka bar caught my eye in that section, and yes I have to admit it is just regular Milka chocolate underneath the foil too, but regular readers will know that my love of Milka chocolate meant I couldn’t resist.
It is beautiful sweet and creamy chocolate, nicely presented and would make a lovely stocking filler. Despite the lack of novelty Christmas flavour, I do have to say it is nice to find yet another Milka bar in the shops over here and may the varieties available continue to increase!

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