27 November 2009

Show us your Advent Calendar

Today I wanted to tell you about something a bit different, today is all about Advent Calendars.
Above is a picture of my rather long thin Advent Calender, I did my best with the photography!

One of my regular readers DavidH came up with this fabulous idea to have an Advent Calendar project. The idea being that people send in photographs of the contents each day, and each day I publish the pictures (or as many as I can). It should get us all into the Christmas mood, and will be a good way to see what all different Advent Calendars have to offer behind their window.
All you need to join in is an Advent Calendar, a camera and a Christmas spirit! Just email me the photos to the address at the top of the page. If you wish to join in, there is no need to send a picture every single day, just as often or as infrequently as you see wish. I hope lots of you want to join in, have Advent Calendars ready and may the Christmas countdown begin!

PS Don’t worry there will still be a daily update throughout December for my Foodstuff Finds, the Advent Calendar project will be an additional daily post.

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