12 November 2009

Kinder Father Christmases (Wilkinsons)

I think we are all aware by now the Christmas goodies are officially with us, and now that Bonfire and Halloween have passed there is nothing to slow the onslaught of the Christmas stock appearing in the shops.
These chocolate Kinder Santas caught my eye, as I have always had a bit of a weakness for Kinder chocolate (as it has a slightly nutty flavour). When I first saw them I have to say that I thought that these novelties would be filled in some way, ideally with a creamy fondant. I was a little disappointed to find that the chocolate was actually completely hollow. It did have the layer of white chocolate on the inside of the milk chocolate, the same as with a Kinder Egg, but alas no toy to build either.
Other than that, the chocolate was nice, and the presentation of these items is quite sweet and would make nice stocking filler, but personally I would rather have a set of three Kinder Eggs!


linkys said...

no filling or treat?!? I wonder if they hard a bit of a brain lapse in the planning of these, sheesh.

cinabar said...

They should have squeezed in a plastic toy santa or something, a missed opportunity!