20 November 2009

Black Forest Cup Cake (Starbucks)

Back in August I wrote about the Berry Cupcakes at Café Nero. When I first purchased them I hoped they would include a chocolate sponge in order to create a Black Forest gateaux flavour, but I was a little disappointed that they did not.
Starbucks new cup cake seems to be my dream cup cake, as it actually is a Black Forest gateaux version. There is the loveliest layer of fluffy light sweet chocolate sponge, topped with a slightly sharp but tasty cherry jam medley. On top of this is a layer of something that it is half way between cream and butter-cream. It is thicker than cream, but much lighter than butter-cream icing, and tastes wonderfully rich and sweet. The cream layer is then topped with a dark glacé cherry and chocolate sprinkles, just for decoration.
As Black Forest gateaux is one of my favourite cakes, it will come as no surprise that I loved this cup cake. The flavours worked well and definitely reminded me of the dessert it was named after, so I couldn’t have been happier!

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