16 November 2009

Green & Blacks Organic Mint Squares (Sainsbury’s)

I spotted this nice box of Green & Blacks chocolate mints in the Christmas section of the supermarket. At first glance I assumed that it would contain a selection of chocolate mints, with various types of chocolate, white, dark etc. Upon opening the box I discovered that all the chocolates within have a dark 60% cocoa base, and are infused with peppermint oil. Each chocolate is individually wrapped, and forms a chocolate-thin. The flavour from the cocoa and the peppermint is blended well and has a good strong flavour which I really liked it is rather dark and rich.
I suspect the chocolates aren’t really aimed at the gift market, but a mint fan would not be disappointed to receive them in this way. However if you are off to a dinner party and looking for something extra to take, these would good down very well as they would be perfect with coffee at the end of a meal.

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