29 November 2009

Ovaltine Cookies/Biscuits/Galletas { via Nli10} (Asda)

You have to love the 'international aisle' at the modern British supermarket. It's region dependant and reflects the make-up of an area, and I'm lucky that my supermarkets have Asian, Polish, Caribbean and a few others crammed into that precious space. For someone who likes to try new things and add a bit of variety to their diet it's great.

From that section at my local Asda comes the above biscuits in their very international packaging. They are the produce of Jamaica and based around the popular night time drink from the 80s (at least in my house) Ovaltine. The contents themselves are separately wrapped in bundles of 5 and there are 4 of these included which means that you will always get nice crisp biscuits. They are very much a thin shortbread but with none of the sweetness and a really strong malt flavour. The first few bites I found that I was craving far more sugar than is in these biscuits, but after you get used to it the strong maltyness of the Ovaltine powder it is actually rather pleasant.

The closest I can compare it to in UK snack foods is like when you've eaten all the chocolate off the outside of a Malteser and then just eat the centre, but I understand that malt is a very important flavour in many parts of the world - in fact I have Guinness Malt & Guinness Import ready downstairs for a future review...

While I like these I can't see that they fulfil the main role of a British biscuit as part of the nice cup of tea and a sit down as they would overpower the tea. I can however imagine that they would be good as a side to a mug of coffee on a dark cold winter evening, which is where I plan to finish off the packet that I have.


paulham said...

Nice Cuppa has a virus on the website according to my AV software.
Be careful! (Notice when it was last updated!)

Mich said...

hi, i am a singaporean....had been searching high and low for this ovaltine cookies. But is no longer available in singapore and nt able to import through the net. may i know where u got it from?