10 November 2009

Fruity [Plum Duff Chocolate] (Feeding Your Imagination)

I really wish my photography skills did this product justice. It is beautifully presented in a card wallet, sealed with ribbon, and it opens up to reveal a very alluring chocolate bar. The whole design concept from Feeding Your Imagination is about chocolate that makes you feel good, and the lush packaging is definitely a good start.
The chocolate has a lovely aroma too, and I think I can pick up on brandy, fruit, cinnamon and other warming spices. The chocolate itself if firm, but not overly hard and has a good texture. I loved the flavours within the chocolate I thought they all worked well together and had a lovely Christmassy taste, the fruit and spices all complimented one another rather well.
The only criticism I have is that the lovely spices and flavours do over shine the chocolate a little, and those in search of a strong cocoa hit may have preferred this in a dark chocolate. However, that aside, as a Christmas pudding flavour bar it is undeniably a fantastic bar.

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