13 November 2009

Kettle Chips – Red Onion Chutney [Seasonal Edition] (Sainsbury’s)

As festive flavours go, Red Onion Chutney doesn’t seem particularly Christmassy or Wintery to me, but the flavour is a limited edition for this time of year. I hate to labour a point but I am as likely to have red onion chutney in a cheese sandwich on a picnic on a hot Summer’s day as I am having the chutney in Winter, but I shall attempt to put that aside.
The crisps themselves have the usual Kettle Chips quality, with a decent thickness and solid crunch. I loved the aroma from the packet, it was filled with an enticing sweet and spicy smell. The flavour is rather good too; the sweetness and onion flavour takes precedence, and works rather well as a flavour for crisps. The spices were milder than I expected, but there was a slight tang to them. I thought that they made a lovely sweet onion crisps, but didn’t have that extra edge you would expect from a chutney. I felt that they just needed a little something to make the flavour that bit more authentic, perhaps a little more spice and a hint of sour.
I did enjoy the crisps though despite feeling they weren’t an exact match for the label on the pack, and think they would go down rather well being shared round friends at Christmas time.

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