4 November 2009

Merryland White Choc Chip Mini Cookies [Maryland Cookies] (Sainsbury’s)

Maryland Cookies have had a seasonal change of name, and become Merryland on a temporary basis, which is quite sweet. The box is (dare I say it) Christmassy too, with one biscuit wearing a Santa hat and the sledge and snow scene.
The cookies are mini ones, a bit bigger than a ten pence piece and fairly thick and, filled with white chocolate chips.
The biscuits have a nice baked buttery taste, and I really liked the texture. They were crunchy, but immediately started to melt once bitten. There was flavouring from the white chocolate chips, but it wasn’t that strong to me. I think these are lovely cookies but that they need a more generous helping of big white chocolate chips to make them my perfect biscuits. Having said that, I can’t imagine anyone being overly disappointed with a purchase and imagine they would go down very well once shared among friends!

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