15 November 2009

Lindt Hot Grenadine [Pomegranate] {via @Nli10} - 99p Shop

I remember way back in November 2008 Cinabar reviewed a hot black-current and hot mango
choc bars
and around the same time while picking up a cheap drink for a train trip I stumbled across a third taste in the range. Naturally I bought it.

It's been on my desk for quite a while and occasionally I take a bite and remember why. Don't get me wrong, Pomegranate and Chilli are two of my favourite things, and this is a 70% dark choc bar so it's going to be pretty close in flavour to the Maya Gold chocolate that I love. The insides are runny which adds an air of opulence to that provided by the large 15g chunks the bar separates into.

But it just doesn't work. The almost liquor quality of the centre overpowers the choc taste, the strong choc masks the fruitiness, which leaves you with a lightly burning vaguely chocolaty aftertaste. Without the packet I wouldn't have had a clue what it was trying to taste like, and seems to have been focus tested on people who though that their cough mixture wasn't quite spicy enough.

I think that if the squares were individually wrapped and each of the various flavours were in the packet it'd be nice for after dinner on a cold winters night, like an explosive After 8, or a Benedicts of Mexico. Expecting someone to eat whole bar is a bit much and is the main reason why I still have those 4 squares sitting on my desk.


Nicole said...

Bummer that it wasn't as impressive as it could have been. I love grenadine, and I love spicy chocolate.

Oh, well. Probably wouldn't be able to find it in the US anyway.

cinabar said...

Nicole the Hot Mango in this range is worth trying if you can find some.

NLi10 said...

Cinabar - I can send you the rest of this bar if you'd like :)

cinabar said...

Still have those four squares left over then?