22 November 2009

Oreo Strawberry Bar {via @nli10} Cybercandy Birmingham

After looking for the kind of thing I fancied in Cybercandy I ended up heading to the till with just a few odds and ends and saw these on the counter. It's a quite unassuming thing and looks like one of those power-bars that people who think they should have more muscles buy from Holland & Barrett. As such I expected it to be chewy and only to faintly taste of any of the included ingredients. I was wrong.
On opening you get the scent of the freeze dried strawberries, and then that familiar strong cocoa smell of the Oreo biscuits. Biting in it's a very crumbly bar (think Twix base) and has a fantastic texture, with the zing of the strawberries counterbalanced by the melting of the chocolate. There are rice crispies buried in there too, but they are outnumbered by the main bourbon-biscuity filling which the other ingredients are in. In short it's really nice but not all that filling - I could happily eat two.
So to recap - it's like a much more indulgent cereal bar, all of the biscuit and strawberry and chocolate - very little of the cereal. I will be buying this again - and looking for other flavours.

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