28 November 2009

Christmas Pudding Cup Cakes (Starbucks)

Having recently tried the Black Forest Cup Cakes at Starbucks, on my return visit I felt obliged to try their other new flavour of cup cake, Christmas Pudding. I am officially now getting into the Christmas Spirit, and seasonal items are getting more and more appealing.
This cupcake has a lovely vanilla sponge, with raisins set inside it, which add flavour and texture. There weren’t too many raisins, but just enough to give the fruit flavour part of the overall Christmas Pudding taste.
The icing is where this cup cake really comes to life. It is soft and sweet and has a wonderful combination of warming cinnamon and other spices that just work so well. The cupcake practically says Christmas is here, and tastes divine. Even if you’re not feeling it yet, try this cup cake and it will put you in the mood for the festivities.

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