26 November 2009

Bear: Cocoa Cherry Pie - Baked Granola Nibbles (Boots)

I decided to try this bad of ‘nibbles’ out as breakfast in the office with a cup of coffee. After all, the bag contains all natural ingredients and is only 99 calories, so it seemed like a good start to the day.
Inside the pack is a mix of grains, dried cherry and cocoa nibs, stuck together in chunks of no universal size. I was a little bit surprised by just how hard and crunchy these clusters of grains and goodies were. I found them tremendously crunchier than I had expected, and thought my jaw even ached a little after finishing the pack. They are not a quiet snack to eat either, and the office probably wasn’t the best place to tuck in!
Flavour wise, I really like them. I could taste all the different grains, the hint of cocoa from the cocoa nibs, and the zingy cherry really topped it all off. They were surprisingly sweet and tasty given that there is no added sugar. I also do like the idea of the contents being all natural, but the hardness of them could put me off a re-purchase.


gavin said...

hello cinabar, we're glad you enjoyed our nibbles so much and could even pick out every ingredient in there. we think it's because we don't used glucose syrup or gumming agents to bind them, but fruit instead, so it's keeps everything tasting as it should.

We've just made another granola, called tropical crunch which we're pretty sure is the finest one yet. would love you to try it, drop us a line and we'll get one to you.

have a good weekend,


Anonymous said...

I would really like to try the tropical crunch granola as it is listed as a healthy extra if you are on slimming world, however i cannot find who makes it or find it in any shops and I would like to order it online if possible. Can someone please help with contact details please. Thanks Andrea.

cinabar said...

Hi Andrea.

If you use Twitter the makers can be found here: http://twitter.com/#!/follow_the_bear @follow_the_bear

Their website is here: http://www.bearnibbles.co.uk/ They sell online too, but I think you have to buy several bags.

My advice would be to try Boots, as this is where I've seen it. But there is an email address on their site, asking you to get in touch if you are having problems finding a stockist: grrr@bearnibbles.co.uk

Hope this helps,