2 November 2009

Lotus Galette Bretonne Biscuit (London Bridge Hotel)

Whenever I think of Lotus biscuits I think of their spice biscuits (including the wonderful chocolate and spice) which I absolutely love. I found this offering in a hotel room as a complimentary biscuit with the tea and coffee, I'm afraid I haven’t found them for sale anywhere yet.
Opening the pack and it is impossible to miss the rich sweet smell of butter and shortbread which is wonderfully appetising! The biscuit itself is quite thin and the top has a medium brown glaze, the back of the biscuit on the other hand is a pale cream.
The biscuit is very much like shortbread, with a slightly egg and caramel taste mixed in but surprisingly no spices that I could pick up on. It is a very rich biscuit, but a nice accompaniment with coffee. I wonder if it will get a wider release, I do hope so.

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